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Zuccini Plants Seeds

The zucchini or courgette is a summer squash, of Mesoamerican origin, which can reach nearly 1 meter in length, but is usually harvested when still immature at about 15 to 25 cm. Zucchini is a thin-skinned cultivar of what in Britain and Ireland is referred to as a marrow.?Growing zucchini or courgettes is incredibly easy, and is the ideal vegetable to encourage to grow a garden. Once zucchini fruit starts to set, the time isn’t far from harvesting, giving young gardeners a thrill.


Planting & Care

Sunlight: The planting site needs to receive full sun

Soil: the soil should be moist and well-drained, but not soggy.

Water:? Keep the soil evenly moist. Give zucchini 1 inch of water a week.

Temprature: Optimal soil temperature for germination: 25-35?C (68-95?F).

Fertilizer: use a foliar spray of liquid fish or kelp fertilizer?high in phosphorus for fruit production. Don?t use a fertilizer too high in nitrogen; it will diminish your yield.