Wrightia religiosa

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1.2-1.5m Ht
1.2-1.5m Ht

Wrightia Religiosa

Wrightia Religiosa is a sweet-smelling flowering plant usually known as Water Jasmine, widely planted as a hedge tree. It is also a popular bonsai throughout the world. It has skinny branches and its leaves are thin and light green. The flowers are white, pendulous, and fill a room with a very lovely fragrance.

Planting & Care??

SunLight:?The Wrightia Religiosa loves the heat and prefers as much direct sun as possible. Can tolerate partial shade but will result in less flowers

Soil:?It prefers well-draining soil

Watering:?Water should be applied until it begins running out of the holes in the bottom of your pot

Fertilizer:? Any general-purpose liquid fertilizer will do fine and is available at most garden centers.

Temperature:?Wrightia is cold sensitive and can become deciduous under 65F in the winter. Protect from freezing temperatures

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