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Verbena Enana Compacta

Verbena Enana Compacta is one of the most fuss-free flowering plants you can grow. The verbena plant typically produces fragrant, good looking flowers, that blooms all season long. Verbena is a genus in the family Verbenaceae and the shorter varieties of verbena available in shades of red, purple, white, blue, and pink.

How To Care

Light:? It wants at least six hours of sunlight a day

Water: needs about an inch of watering in a week, too much soak in the soil will cause the stems to rot

Fertilizer: feed them once in the spring of the year after planting outside with a water-soluble fertilizer

Temperature:? In warmer climates, perennial verbenas will grow better

Potting: best to plant in mid-spring or early summer, can use seed and from cuttings. If growing from seed, keep seed covered and moist until germination occurs, which takes about three weeks. then repot once they reach a height of about two inches

Pruning: do not require pruning to keep them blooming, Remove all the leggy, weak branches by cutting them off with shears within 1/4 inch of a leaf once or twice a year