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Portulaca Doppia -?moss rose

Portulaca is a truly beautiful low growing ground cover type plant. Portulaca also known as moss rose or sun plant is a low-growing stunner with cactus-like blooms that last all summer. The blooms, in bright jewel tones of orange, pink, purple, yellow, red and white, grow on thick, succulent foliage.

Planting & Care?

SunLight:? require Lot of sunlight

Soil: Portulacas love it hot and dry. You can plant them in poor, even sandy, soil.?

Water: Water a plant when the soil feels dry to touch. Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering for the winter & rainy season.

Fertilizer: There is no need for fertilizer with the portulaca, as it will do fine on its own.

Temperature:? Require 20 to 30 degree C for better blooming