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Geranios Zonales -pelargonium zonale

Geranium Zonales they are called Pelargonium. This small evergreen shrub of rounded shape is very leafy and is covered with large and beautiful flowers of different colors. This flower seed mix only grows 12 to 14 inches tall making it ideal for balconies, baskets, borders, or edges in the garden.

Planting & Care?

SunLight:? Geraniums require plenty of sunlight to flower, but in areas with hot summers, a bit of shade is recommende

Soil: The perfect soil for geraniums is a loose soil with plenty of organic matter and about 5.8 to 6.5 PH.

Water: requires regular watering.?

Fertilizer: Choose a water-soluble plant food, Geraniums require light fertilization. If you feed them too much, the foliage will flourish at the expense of the flower.

Temperature: The ideal temperature for growing geraniums is 65 to 70 F