Is it time to revamp your garden? Do you finally have enough budget to add more landscaping features to your garden? Mashtal.qa is the perfect platform for you to begin searching for the best landscaping companies. We make it easy for you to connect with multiple licensed and vetted gardeners in Doha.


What can a landscape designer do for you?

Mashtal.qa features a wide range of qualified landscape designers with the ability to create a garden that will not only look beautiful but remain manageable long after the job is done. They will be sure to help you transform your tired plants into blooming blossoms once again and implement all types of landscape designs. You can also read customer reviews on Mashtal.qa to have peace of mind that you are working with people who can give your garden only the very best care.



Preparing for a consultation

Before you meet with your potential gardener in Doha, having a clear vision in your mind about how you would like to transform your garden will help them start working on your ideas right away, and let you know what is and what isn’t possible. Whether it is building a patio, installing garden lights, planting more flowers and grass or even creating a space for a barbeque, knowing what you want is the first step to creating your garden oasis. Find a landscaping company in Doha now to help you make that vision a reality.



How is the price structured?

Mashtal.qa offers a number of gardening options, so the exact price would depend on the services you require. From installation of artificial grass to construction of waterfalls, you can get your garden revamped by a landscaper in Doha according to your exact needs and budget. There is no ‘one size fits all’, so using Mashtal.qa, you can request free quotations that are customized to you from at least three gardening companies in Doha.


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