Whether you’re looking for basic gardening services like watering and mowing, someone to plant artificial grass in your lawn, or landscaping companies in Qatar, Mashtal.qa offers it all. Gardening in Doha can be challenging, especially given the hot weather. We understand the frustration of looking at wilted plants, so we have formed partnerships with the best gardening companies in Doha. We can help you get in touch with a suitable company for long-term garden maintenance or one-off gardening services.


Struggling to keep your garden green?

Keeping your garden looking fresh and green in Doha’s hot climate can be quite a daunting task. From mowing the right way to frequent watering, there is so much daily maintenance involved that it’s hard to keep up. There’s no shame in asking for some professional help when you need it. Skip the brown lawns and the worry by hiring the best landscaping companies in Doha using Mashtal.qa.

Types of gardening services

Our the gardening and landscaping companies featured on Mashtal.qa have got you covered for all your gardening needs. You can find gardeners for regular maintenance of your plants and lawn, and if you need a new lawn we’ve got services for that as well. Even if you want a whole new landscape design or plan to build gazebos, decks, and porches, we cover it all.

Natural grass vs artificial grass

Switching your lawn to artificial grass is a great idea in Doha’s hot climate. Artificial grass will save you a lot on your water bill and will always look green. On top of that, artificial grass needs little to no maintenance and will remain looking spectacular all year long. To get started on switching from real grass to artificial grass visit Mashtal.qa. Mashtal.qa allows you to hire the best landscaping companies in Doha.

Do your homework

Before hiring a gardener for landscaping or maintaining your Doha garden, do your homework. Hiring an independent gardener is cheaper but hiring one of the gardening companies on Mashtal.qa has its perks. The licensed landscape companies we partner with will send you a certified gardener with all the right tools and know how to take proper care of your garden.

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